Helping Hand for Hornsby Connect

Hornsby Connect provides food and support to those who need it most within our community, and last year alone they distributed over 100,000 kgs of food to more than 5,000 people and provided more than 6,000 hot meals to people in need.

Due to the nature of Covid-19, the way Hornsby Connect operated had to change. Previously they offered a place where people could escape isolation and come to mingle, socialise and browse the available food. The service now provides pre-packed hampers, available for collection.

It only takes a small donation to make a difference.

Hornsby Connect works hard to stretch each donation as far as possible, noting they can feed one client for an entire week for $15.

The Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches recently responded to an outreach campaign run by Hornsby Connect and were pleased to donate $3,000 to the cause. This donation will essentially feed 200 people in need, within our community.

However, more help is essential as Hornsby Connect has recently seen an increase in new people needing assistance due to the economic downturn.

Stuart Armstrong, president of Hornsby Connect commented “We are supporting more people, but many of those who could benefit from our service have yet to discover us. There is probably also some reluctance among those who have been financially secure in the past to ask for help. In discussions with other agencies, we are all concerned that the real demand is being hidden by short term Government support. As that support winds down, there will be many more people who will need our assistance. Therefore, we are now planning how to strengthen our organisation”

To increase their reach and supply to more people in need, the Hornsby Connect team has recently opened a second distribution point – Ku-ring-gai Connect – located at the Seniors Centre in Turramurra on Thursdays.

Looking for a new base.

They are currently looking for a permanent base to store produce and provide space to pack the food hampers and on the lookout for space 300m2, preferably with a loading dock. Due to the nature of this organisation, the premises would need to be available at a significant reduction to commercial rental rates.

Do you know someone who might be able to help?

How you can help!

• Donate $15 to feed someone for a week. (or $150 to feed 10 people for a week)

• Donate food and hygiene staples. Look for the Hornsby Connect collection bin outside your local supermarket. The collection bin moves around frequently and usually only stays in one place for a few weeks.

Apply on the website to become a volunteer.

• Do you know someone who could benefit from this service? Connect them with the team from Hornsby or Ku-ring-gai Connect.

Find out more at

SAFE PLACE for Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter to call home.

In mid-June 2020, Sharon Franke – our Community Development Manager had a coffee meeting with Louise McCann, the President and Board Chair of the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter. As community partners of this fabulous organisation, we wanted to work out a way that we could help them achieve their goal of securing a safe and permanent Shelter for vulnerable women and their children in our community. We were talking about how they’d recently missed out on being able to purchase their ideal property by about $200,000.

At the end of that meeting, we had decided that together we would launch an end of financial year 10-day appeal to raise the final $200,000 needed to purchase their own Safe Place. Within 5 days, the team had come together to launch the campaign – and we were able to kick things off with a $20,000 donation. While we hoped we’d get there, we were aware the goal was ambitious.

Together we did it.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter Safe Place Appeal. As of midnight June 30, we had reached a staggering $185,391 – and with donations still coming in, we may well make that goal of $200,000 a reality.

Every one of the 1,057 donations made a difference. Thank you to every person, community group and business who made a donation – and if you haven’t yet had the opportunity, and would still like to, you can make a donation via their website –, or in either of our two branches.

What’s next for HKWS
Now that they have the funding they need to find the ideal home, we will continue our support by covering the interest payments on a $500,000 loan for the first three years of the loan term.


Community working together to make a difference.

FUND THE FIGHT for our local hero’s – Killara RFS


The current fire emergency sweeping our state and dominating worldwide media started back in August 2019. That’s five exhausting months that our brave volunteer firefighters from the RFS have been protecting our homes and livelihoods across New South Wales.

When the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches launched ‘Fund the Fight’ campaign at the beginning of December, we had no idea of the scale of the fire emergency that lay ahead. Our intention at the time was to raise vital funds to help our new local brigade purchase much-needed equipment.

The Killara RFS was established in 2018, the newest brigade in NSW, with 30 local members and two trucks with standard-issue equipment. This newly formed crew has been on the ground fighting fires and conducting property protection every day on 12-hour rotating shifts for the last three months.

They have traveled over 10,000 km and have fought some of the most ferocious fires in the state from Gospers Mountain, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and right up to the Queensland border.

Crews have experienced extraordinary highs and lows. The elation of saving a family home or business through to the heartbreaking loss of seeing property they have tried to protect become engulfed by flames.

One of the Killara crew, working together with other RFS members successfully resuscitated an individual who had a cardiac arrest while trying to save their home. They’ve also witnessed their fellow crew members being overcome with heat exhaustion.  The exhaustion and emotional toll that our local brigade has experienced have been eased by the incredible generosity of the Ku-ring-gai community.


The support from the community has been a huge morale booster for the men and women of the RFS.  A thumbs-up as the truck drives by, thanks from members of the public, and ongoing fundraising continues to motivate our local RFS team.

The money raised via the ‘Fund the Fight’ campaign is funneled directly into the bank account of the Killara RFS. This has enabled the crew to access vital funds to purchase essential additional equipment such as masks, fire ground radios, and 24hr supplies of emergency food.

There are still months of the fire season yet to come, with fires still burning out of control in New South Wales – the fire emergency is far from over.

But when Summer is over, and the fires are out, the Killara RFS brigade will be planning the build of their new HQ.  The money raised by our local community through Fund the Fight and various other initiatives, over and above what is needed to fully equip the trucks, will be used to fit out the new station. They’ll be needing a workshop, air compressors, lockers and IT equipment for the training room. Every dollar raised from the Fund the Fight campaign will be put to good use, ensuring our local brigade are ready for any future emergencies.

Thank you to our incredible community for your generosity and support of the Killara RFS brigade.  Donations can still be made online at, or in either of our branches until the end of February 2020.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a wheelchair?  

Take a minute to think about the everyday tasks that pose a real challenge to people in a wheelchair…

 Getting up hills, grabbing a morning coffee and negotiating the weekly groceries – every day throws up new challenges.


Ride a Day in My Wheels is an annual event that helps to raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by people in a wheelchair. Currently, in its 9th year, the event is a fun way to engage the community, celebrate and raise awareness for International Day of People with Disability.


Ride a Day in My Wheels was created by Oliver House, a member of Studio ARTES, who wanted for people to understand the challenges that he faces daily.

The day entails members within the community strapping into a wheelchair and fulfilling a list of physical and mental tasks, under a time limit!

Not only does this event help people to see things from a different perspective, it also raises much-needed funds for Studio ARTES.

The 2019 event was held on Friday 6th December, with our very own Branch Manager – Dean Castell participating.


The challenge was set:

  • Riders had to successfully overcome three hard surface obstacles in the wheelchair.
  • They then had to then walk with a full cup of water around obstacles and not spill any liquid – wearing glasses that distort vision.
  • Then wearing noise-cancelling earphones, they needed to lip-read what was being said.
  • They needed to ride a wheelchair as far as they could around the Hornsby fountain in one minute.
  • Order a coffee from a local café without talking.
  • Finally, they had to paint their score from the above tasks using only a paintbrush attached to a headpiece.

This wasn’t Deans first experience in the Ride a Day in My Wheels event, but the new vision distorting glasses were a real challenge.

Thanks for being such a great sport Dean and for supporting such a worthwhile cause.


You can find out more about Ride a Day in My Wheels and watch Oliver’s promo video here:


Community Pitch 2019 – What A Night!!!

Community Pitch 2019 raises $39,200 for local community groups.

Our inaugural Community Pitch event held on November 12th was a huge success thanks to the many local businesses who came together in support of our wonderful Ku-ring-gai community.

With a full function room at Roseville Golf Course, 25 local businesses intently listened to the compelling pitches from 10 local Community Groups.

Most people in the room were learning for the first time of the tireless work and impressive initiatives being undertaken by these amazing groups in our community.

Thank you to everyone who came, participated, pitched and pledged money.

 Following are the total donations received by our 10 community groups:

  • KYDS Youth Development Service– donations received: $7,950
  • Delvena Women and Children’s Refuge – donations received: $4,800
  • Mentoring Men– donations received: $4,700
  • The Generous and The Grateful– donations received: $4,700
  • Killara Rural Fire Brigade– donations received: $4,650
  • Parkinsong– donations received: $2,850
  • Hornsby Connect – donations received: $2,600
  • Hornsby Gang Show– donations received: $2,550
  • Easy Care Gardening– donations received: $2,300
  • 1stLindfield Scout Group – donations received: $2,100

Community Pitch 2020 will be even bigger and better!

Their Beautiful Game

Once again, this year we put the call out to our local football clubs, schools and community members to donate their no longer required football boots, balls, gloves and shin pads to great response. We even got two sets of old uniform kits donated by Turramurra United Football Club (which will be put to good use by the recipients)


In all we collected more than 180 pairs of boots!


These boots along with the uniform kits were recently distributed throughout Ghanda, Kenya, Nigeria and closer to home in outback communities of the Northern Territory.


The cost of distribution to these remote areas was covered by the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank® branches.

There were lots of happy faces when Their Beautiful Game distributed the boots, balls and kits from our collection to the various communities. Some of the children from Ghanda were playing soccer with one boot on and one worn-out sneaker until their new boots from our collection arrived!


A big thank you to everyone who donated boots, and especially to our local football clubs: North Turramurra FC, Lindfield FC, St Ives FC, West Pymble FC, Turramurra United Football Club and Kissing Point Football Club.


2020 Collection. If you or your child grow out of your boots and they are still in excellent condition, or require a new pair before the start of next year’s season, give them a wipe down, and hang onto

them as we will be collecting again in early 2020.

Double the Donation – Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter is a well-known local not-for-profit organisation that provides temporary supported accommodation for women in times of crisis such as homelessness and /or domestic violence. Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank® branches have long been supporters of the HKWS, so when we heard they were looking to purchase a property to create a permanent, larger facility to cater to the increasing demands of women in need, we felt compelled to assist.

Currently, the HKWS lease premises with 10 beds and five shared rooms. For every woman they are able to assist, they are turning away another three. The need to find a space they can call their own and providing support to more women is a critical goal for the organisation.


Our incredible team at Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank® branches put their heads together and came up with a campaign to engage the community, local sporting groups and schools to collectively work towards raising funds for HKWS, and Double the Donation was born.

Double the Donation was a simple initiative; for every dollar donated by the community, the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank® branches would double it (up to $20,000).

We set about creating an engaging campaign to capture the attention and hearts of those in our community. We issued yellow piggies to cafes and workplaces to collect donations and opened up an online fundraising campaign – and the community leapt at the chance to show their support.


Thank you to the many individuals, community groups, businesses and sporting groups that supported this campaign: Asquith Magpies Fishing ClubTurramurra Bowling ClubWest Pymble Bicentennial ClubKipling’s Garage BarBarker Old Boys RUFC, Les Cigales French a la Carte Choir, Lions Club of St IvesLindfield Rotary Club, Ahjmrt Mah Jong Group, Lindfield’s School of the Future: A Learning Village, Barker College, Wisekidsworld, Ku-ring-gai Men’s Shed, Dick and Pip Smith Foundation, Lindfield FCFernwood HornsbyDe’lish Artisan FoodsJb’s Hair Design TurramurraFour Seasons Plant Bug Garden Centre, Waitara Park Tennis Centre, Oasis Cafe, La Stazione Bakery, Rohini Village Monday Group, Lions Club of Hornsby.

Together we raised a staggering $47,482!!!


The donation cheque was presented to Sallianne McClelland, President of Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter, to great response.

Sallianne commented, “Thank you to the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank® Branches and the local community for the incredible Double the Donation campaign.”  “The community really stepped up and helped us.” “We are incredibly grateful to the support you give us every single day. We are able to help these women because you help us.”

“By having our own premises, it means we are investing in our future.” Sallianne continued.


The HKWS is continuing to focus on raising more money in the aim of purchasing their own home – their latest appeal is via the City2Surf.  You can keep up with the latest HKWS fundraising initiatives via their Facebook page, or via their website which also accepts donations.

Community Chest Grants Program

Following on from the success of the Ku-ring-gai Edition of Monopoly, the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches are pleased to announce the Community Chest Grants Program.

Over the next few months, we will be giving away $22,787 to local charities, and not for profits with charitable projects.

How does it work?

Local charitable organisations are encouraged to apply for one of 10 financial grants of $2,000. An additional $2,787 will then be granted to one of the 10 chosen organisations as part of a public vote.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to local charitable organisations and to other not for profits for a charitable purpose. ie: A local sporting club could apply for a Community Chest Grant to build wheelchair access to their clubhouse or provide provisions for an impaired player.

They could not apply for a grant to purchase new equipment for the club.

How to apply?

Apply online HERE from the 1st March 2019.

Terms and Conditions:

Applications meeting the criteria will be considered by our Community Engagement Committee, comprising staff of Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches and directors of Ku-ring-gai Financial Services Limited.


Submissions open 1 March 2019

Submissions close 31 March 2019

Announcement of 10 groups to receive $2,000 grant 15 April 2019

Voting for “Community Choice Grant” opens 16 April 2019

Voting closes 30 April 2019

Presentation to all grant recipients – and announcement of Community Choice Grant mid-May 2019.

Supporting our Farmers

The evidence of our supportive and generous community was once again on-show late last year when we put the call out to support our farmers in need.

With the help of our community, the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank raised $20,750 for Rural Aid in support of our farmers, more than tripling our initial goal of $6,000.

We started with an idea to match our customer’s donations, dollar for dollar, up to $3,000. This rapidly grew legs, with eager staff starting “dress like a farmer” days in the branch to catch the attention of our customers. 


It wasn’t just the customers attention that was attracted – a number of local community groups caught wind of what was happening within the branches and put their support behind our collection.

It was truly a community effort.




Share the Load – Helping those in need.

Late last year one of our customers, United Tradies, organised a six-day trip to the farming community of Eurimbla. (5 hours from Sydney) The aim of the trip was to give some hands-on support to the drought-affected farming community within Eurimbla.
Effectively to “Share the Load”. 

The team at Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches were thrilled to partner United Tradies on the project. The branches organised a collection of non-perishable items donated by our local community, which were then given to the farmers. Our Branch Manager Dean and staff member Brenda headed out to Eurimbla along with their partners to join the volunteer team with practical hands-on support.

The volunteer group of about 20 included plumbers and electricians, who were able to help with jobs that had been neglected due to either time or money.

Over the six days, the volunteer group of about 20, fixed fences, rebuilt a shed, painted buildings and fed stock. Within the group of volunteers were some skilled tradesmen, who were able to complete some plumbing and electrical jobs that had been neglected due to time or money.  In addition to the practical help, the volunteers provided wonderful support for the farmers just by listening and sharing time with them.  Lifelong friendships were made.

The farming community in Eurimbla, like much of New South Wales, has been battling the effects of the drought since 2015.  They have seen their herds of cattle and sheep decimated reducing the numbers of calves and lambs being born to undernourished mothers.  Every day is a battle where an animal’s lifespan can be measured in days, sometimes hours, and where the smallest win is a monumental event.

This fabulous and uplifting experience is one that we plan to repeat (with staff lining up to volunteer at the next Share the Load long weekend organised by United Tradies).  From the stories told, I’m not sure who got more out of the experience, the volunteers or the farmers they were there to support – but it certainly showed a huge amount of COMMUNITY spirit and was an experience no one will forget.