Does your community group, local charity or local school have an initiative that needs funding?

We’re excited to announce our Double the Impact program – and are now seeking applications from local community and charitable groups who have an initiative they are looking to fund up to the value of $7,000.

How does it work?

  1. You have a project that needs funding. You let us know what it is – and how much money you need to bring it to fruition. Apply via the form below.
  2. We’ll select up to 10 great projects (which we know will be a difficult task as we would like to include them all) – we’re looking to select a range of projects, of different values, from a range of community groups. Not all projects need to be worth a maximum of $7,000. In fact, we’d like to see projects or initiatives of all sizes.
  3. Double the Impact campaign launch. We’ll then promote each of those projects via our online campaign page, and will get our social media channels cranking.  The campaign page will provide information about each charity/community organisation, what the project is – and how much they’re looking to fund. Each project will have a ‘Donate Here’ button – and fundraising can commence. Donations from the public can also be made over the counter at either of our branches.
  4. We match every dollar raised up to 50% value of the project total. (Each project will be slightly different – but as an example, our total maximum contribution, if your project was valued at $7,000 would be $3,500).
  5. We’ll promote your fundraising initiative: We’ll help you promote your project – but you also need to activate your donor base to ensure that you can raise the 50% you’re needing.

Who can apply?
Applications are open to all community and charitable organisations from the Hornsby/Ku-ring-gai area.

How to apply?
Apply via the application form below.
Applications close at 5 pm Friday – 16th April.

Key Dates:
Submissions Open: 15th March 2021

Submissions Close: 16th April 2021

Announcement of selected projects: 21st April 2021

Donations Open: 17th May 2021

Donations Close: 18th June 2021

Responsibilities and Obligations:

  • All successful applicants will need to hold, or open, a Bendigo Bank account prior to 1 May 2021 to allow for in-branch donations.  Our staff will happily assist you with organising this.
  • All funds (including matched funds) will be deposited to the relevant Bendigo Bank Account of the community organisation within 5 days of the close of the campaign and Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank will provide a spreadsheet of all donations and donor information by 23rd June 2021.
  • Community organisations will be responsible for providing tax receipts to all donors by Monday 28th June 2021.

Application Form

Double the Impact applications will be reviewed by our Community Engagement Committee and must be submitted by 16th April 2021.

Application form for Double the Impact campaign.
  • Please describe your role or responsibility within the organisation that you are seeking funding for.
  • Please outline the number of people who are employed or who volunteer as part of this organisation / group.
  • Please provide a guide to the annual turnover of your organisation or group.
  • Does your organisation have tax deductibility status?
  • Please provide a rough guide to how many people are directly impacted by your organisation.
  • Please outline below an overview of the project you are seeking funding for. Please note: Only projects valued up to a total of $7,000 can apply to be a part of this program. If your application is successful, the Turramurra and Lindfield Community bank will match every dollar raised by you, up to a maximum of 50% of the total value of the project. (ie if your project is going to cost $5,000 - we will match every dollar you raise up to $2,500.) You can still raise more - however our contribution will be capped.
  • Please outline the total fundraising goal you have. (Note: only projects with a total maximum value of between $1,000 and $7,000 will be considered within the scope of this campaign).
    Please enter a number from 1000 to 7000.
  • What marketing initiatives will you use to raise 50% of the funds required. ie Do you have an EDM database of supporters, a Facebook page, will you hold an event etc
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.