Lindfield Espresso – It’s not just about the coffee!

For the last six and a half years, Lindfield Espresso has been serving the local community with what many reviewers say is “The best coffee this side of the bridge”.

“Serving quality coffee and providing the best customer service is what we are all about”, says Duncan Dalgleish, local business owner of Lindfield Espresso.

Open from 5am until the early afternoon, Lindfield Espresso serves up to 300 customers every single day. If you get in early in the morning you’ll meet Duncan who always opens the café – and is often there seven days a week.


While Lindfield Espresso is known for their specially roasted coffee, they’re also known for their quality toasts, sandwiches, muffins, pastries, organic spreads, and fresh organic juice served throughout the day.

“Everything that we serve at the Lindfield Espresso is made from the best possible ingredients, and sourced from the best quality suppliers.”

Duncan values quality and customer service. Lindfield Espresso has been a customer of the Lindfield Community Bank for over five years now. Asked why Duncan chose Bendigo as his bank of choice? “It’s all about the personalised service and the relationship they offer. You can pick up the phone and speak with someone who knows you, and knows your business.”