Archibald Prize Finalist and Local Shining Star – Emily Crockford

Emily Crockford is a shining star (a self-proclaimed Superstar), and an accomplished local artist who is transforming high profile spaces with her trademark bright, bold and intricately detailed style.

No matter what the project, whether it be the WestConnex M5 motorway pedestrian underpass or a 160 m hoarding at Barangaroo commissioned by LendLease, Emily transforms the space into a magical universe of bold colours and detailed patterns.

2020 Archibald Prize

Most recently Emily was a finalist in the 2020 Archibald Prize with her work – ‘Self-portrait with Daddy in the daisies, watching the field of planes’.

When asked about her portrait, painted in honour of her late father John Crockford, who died in 2020, Emily described it as “my dream come true”.

“It’s my dream of my daddy. I watched him flying his beautiful planes in the fields. He made amazing models. This painting is very special to me because he’s my lovely father.

The portrait is ‘a selfie’ with memories of my dad, featuring botanical flowers because I love flowers. I’ve painted pink and white daisies for Daddy because he loves them and I love the colours.”

Emily is a valued artist at ‘Studio A‘, a social enterprise organisation aimed at assisting neurodiverse artists. Through their support, artists can develop professional pathways to achieve both their artistic and economic aspirations – whilst also tackling barriers that living
with an intellectual disability can cause. Studio A physically provides artists with a working studio space, materials and support staff, as well as the emotional and practical support required to ensure that artists are fairly rewarded for the extraordinary work they produce.

Most recently seven artists from Studio A joined forces to paint a 300-square-metre mural at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as the centrepiece of its Archie Plus portrait project.

Milestone Moment

“The Art Gallery of NSW’s commission is a milestone moment that recognises the quality work artists with intellectual disability are producing. And their capacity to create large-scale public art showcases how Australia’s major arts institutions are engaging professionally with diverse and marginalised artists. What an inspiring moment,” said Studio A CEO/Artistic Director Gabrielle Mordy.

“I love working in exhibitions, meeting artists, and making more ideas. I like collaborating because it means I make friends. I want to keep collaborating and creating with new friends”, commented Emily.

When asked in an interview recently with Create NSW, who her inspiration was, Emily replied – “Emma Johnston at Studio A. She makes me so feel strong with my artworks and practice.”

We love hearing about the incredible talent that exists within our local community and the organisations that support and encourage young community members to succeed, despite the obstacles they may face.

Congratulations to the team at Studio A, Emily and the other incredible artists pursuing their dreams.

Keep up the inspiring work!