St Lucy’s School – Full of Festive Cheer.

The end of the year is a significant time at St Lucy’s as they reflect on all of the wonderful learning over the year and prepare for the Christmas Season. It’s also a time where preparations are in full swing for the St Lucy’s End of Year Concert, this year themed – THIS IS ME.

The annual concert is a very special celebration of the students love of dance, music and performing along with their courage, determination and joy. The Creative Arts Department work with the teachers and students to put on a magical end of year show.

The concert will be performed twice; Once to the very dedicated group of 160 volunteers, who offer such great support throughout the year, along with the student’s buddies from Knox and Prouille schools and special friends, donors and sponsors. The second performance will be for parents and families of students – This is always a highlight for students, being able to spot mum and dad in the crowd!


Week Without Words

St Lucy’s are also running a raffle for their “Week without Words” Campaign, a St Lucy’s School awareness and fundraising campaign to give students the tools they need to communicate. 95% of St Lucy’s children have a communication disability, therefore they need innovative communication systems and speech therapy so that they can have a voice!

There are many ways to support St Lucy’s Week Without Words, to find out more click here.