Staff Grants Presentation 2018

Another inspiring Staff Grants evening was held during March at our Lindfield Community Bank branch.

Community spirit is always alive and present at these events where everyone comes together to share stories of their challenges and successes in supporting our local community. It is overwhelming to hear about the generosity and willingness of people to help others that is found within our local community organisations.

Staff member, Ibrahim Bilen, awarded his staff grant to the St Ives Football Club, and St Ives Football Club member, Damien Erich’s response is a prime example of this spirit of generosity.

“St Ives Football Club tragically lost a senior player during a soccer match three years ago due to cardiac arrest, as a team, a club and community we were all shocked by this. Since this tragic event we have worked hard to raise funds to purchase defibrillators to safeguard our senior teams, our home playing grounds and anyone attending matches on these grounds.

Unfortunately, and extremely fortunate for a player, we had a second incident early last year when one of the machines had to be used to save a second players life. This endorsed and validated the reason why we need to raise funds for these machines and at the same time lobby other clubs to do the same.

 As a club we have been able to provide all of our senior teams with machines and we are now in the process of identifying and helping other clubs obtain defibrillators of their own where they otherwise would not have the resources to do so. The Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches grant will go towards buying one more machine which will be installed in the local area for the benefit of another club, so that they can cover other senior matches.”

Hearing stories such as this reinforces why we work so hard to fulfil our bank’s charter of giving back to the community.  Since we launched our first Community Bank branch in Turramurra 14 years ago, we are proud to have given back over $1.7 million to the local community.

Another appreciative recipient at the Staff Grants evening was the Hornsby Rural Fire Brigade. Rob Green from the Hornsby RFS had nothing but praise for the Staff Grants program and his dealings with Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches –

“Our recent purchases for Hornsby RFS, including automatic roller doors for when we are responding a call out have only been possible due to grants and donations, therefore community donations such as that from the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches are very important to us”

 Rob continued- “The Community Bank branches have provided the perfect contrast to the appalling service we received from our previous bank – as Treasurer I can’t think how they could have treated us better!” 

Programs such as our Staff Grants are why the team at Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches are passionate about their work. And, of course, we would not be able to continue this amazing work within the community if it wasn’t for the customers who bank with us.

We like to think when you hear stories about how we differ from the ‘other banks’ you might ask yourself, much as Steve Hopwood of ‘Hornsby Connect’, another grant recipient, did: “I’m asking myself why aren’t we banking with the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank.”

So please spread the word about the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank so we can continue to give back to the community while providing the best services possible to our customers.