The Big Heart Project – What do five million 5-cent coins look like?

Our staff member Annie Dobe and her husband Tim can tell you. ‘Absolutely amazing.’

Last week Annie and Tim were thrilled to represent the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank Branches at Connie and Samuel Johnson’s Big Heart project, which raised a remarkable $2.2 million for cancer research.

During the day, and into the night, Annie and Tim were coin rakers, heart monitors, runners, and members of the final pack up team.

‘The positive energy of thousands of people with a common purpose was indescribable. What amazing people Sam and Connie are! It was bigger and better than I ever imagined,’ said Annie. ‘As the night came on, the lights from the netball courts created a beautiful aura over the heart – it was a truly special evening.’

Bendigo Bank supporting ‘Love Your Sister’. 

Bendigo Bank has been a proud supporter of ‘Love Your Sister’ since its inception in 2013 when Samuel began his attempt to break the Guinness World Record by riding 15000 km on a Unicycle around Australia. Our sponsorship has continued with Bendigo Bank providing community collection points for spare change right across the country.
Breast Cancer, in particular, is something that has affected many of the staff at Lindfield and Turramurra Community Bank branches, and many families in our local community.

“Every family is touched by cancer at some point. We are thrilled to have been a part of this amazing campaign”, said Annie.

Over the last few months we’ve been building our very own Big Heart of coins in the Lindfield branch, and it was wonderful to be able to take those community donations to Canberra last week”.

‘Love Your Sister’ has now, with Connie Johnson’s Big Heart project donation specifically raising in excess of $2.2 million; the vast majority of donations being made online and in Bendigo Bank branches around Australia and New Zealand.

This new donation will provide a crucial boost to the Garvan Institute’s cancer research, and to efforts to bring about real change in clinical practice through research.

It’s not too late to donate.  If you would still like to participate in The Big Heart project, you can donate at the Lindfield or Turramurra Community Bank branches, or online here.