United Tradies – Trade services making a difference in our community

We were recently put in touch with Chris and Aileen Savill who run a business called United Tradies, and were inspired by their vision of connecting customers with honest and reliable tradies – and giving back to less fortunate people within the community in a useful and practical way.

Former tradie and local Chris Savill and, his wife, Aileen were all too familiar with the everyday frustrations suffered by not only people hiring trades but also from tradies themselves. Finding a reliable, trustworthy tradesman to conduct repairs or renovations can at times seem like an impossible task. This desire to make peoples lives easier, and the opportunity to change lives for the better drove them to create United Tradies.

United Tradies is the first and only tradie site in Australia that aims to unite tradespeople and customers within their community. Connecting local, reliable and qualified tradies with commission free jobs in the area is not what makes United Tradies stand out from the crowd – but their MAD days do, and this is where they are making a real difference to peoples lives.

MAD stands for Making A Difference – Each tradie that subscribes to United Tradies agrees to donate one day a year of their time to help those in genuine need.  Each month United Tradies will conduct a MAD day within the community by providing trades, materials and equipment for free and completing a project/s around the home of a less fortunate member of the community.

By using a tradie from the United Tradie website you will be helping to make a real difference to someone in need from our community.

The process is simple: A customer uses United Tradies to fulfil a job, at the end of the completed job the customer reviews their tradie and then nominates someone within the community who needs practical help. Once a month a MAD day will be held and the job will be completed.

The first MAD day was held on 6th April 2018 for an elderly couple, Rudy and Malvina of South Turramurra. The couple were nominated for a MAD day after learning about some difficult times they had with illness in the past year. With a team of 12 people (including four tradies, the two founders of the business and six volunteers) they worked for 12 hours to breathe new life into Rudy and Malvinas home. Extensive repair work both inside and outside the home along with gardening and painting was conducted throughout the day.

The first MAD day was a huge success and everyone involved was enthusiastic about the difference MAD days can make to a persons life.

It never ceases to amaze us how much great work is being done within our very own community. We are very fortunate in our work at Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank branches to connect with businesses, organisations and community groups all working with a common goal of helping others.

We are thrilled to have met Aileen and Chris and we can’t wait to hear of their success as United Tradies grows and delivers more MAD days in our community.

Next time you need work done around the house think about supporting local and making a difference to someone less fortunate by using United Tradies.

Contact Chris at United Tradies and let him find the perfect tradie for your job!

https://unitedtradies.com.au/contact/  0478 771 234